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alien experts and famous UFOlogists in Roger Nygard's Six Days in Roswell documentary
This film probes both the UFO fanatics and the top 
alien experts in the field like Robert O. Dean, 
Stanton T. Friedman, Budd Hopkins, Peter Gersten, 
Don Schmidt, Whitley Strieber, and many others.  
Produced and Edited by Roger Nygard; starring Rich 
Kronfeld and hundreds of alien enthusiasts.
Spend six days in a rented Coachman with, two 
dogs, a film crew, UFO experts, and an overdose 
of alien abductees as alien-enthusiast Rich 
Kronfeld takes on Roswell, New Mexico, the town 
famous for extra-terrestrial encounters and 
government cover-ups.
Documentary, HD & 4k from Super 16mm, 1h 21m.

“A hilarious journey into the bizarre world of UFO fanatics….”
David Hunter, The Hollywood Reporter

“…an ideal ‘weird America’ entry….”
Robert Koehler, Variety

“Gut-bustingly funny….”
Tammy Swift, The Forum, Fargo, North Dakota

“…pants-peeing funny! ”
Chris Parcellin, Film Threat

“Six Days in Roswell is frickin’ funny. It’s laugh-until-you-cry, ‘holy crap that was funny,’ funny.”
Chuck Terhark, The Minnesota Daily

“Oh my God is Six Days in Roswell funny! I’m talking wet your pants funny. … Rich Kronfeld is just a true gem – he’s one of the funniest guys I’ve ever seen on film. …there’s some 35 minutes of deleted scenes [on the DVD], and this stuff is every bit as good as what was in the final film ….”
Bill Hunt,

“It’ll make you laugh, cry from laughing, and even [make you] a bit disturbed. …I highly recommend this…. ”

“The truth isn’t out there — it’s right here in this original, odd, hilarious documentary about a gathering of UFO buffs in Roswell, NM. …You can’t argue with the beauty of a UFO haircut.”
Al Brumley, The Dallas Morning News

“You know you’re moving in a strange crowd when Gov. Jesse Ventura…is the least flamboyant person in your film.”
Peter Ritter, Minneapolis City Pages

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